La Musica Te Liam Swiggs – The BFC Radio Show #074 RDU Debut Playlist

The Big Fresh Collective Radio is back & better than ever!

Every Monday night from 11pm – Midnight only on RDU 98.5FM

Here’s last nights playlist from 16/05/16 ❤




You can stream or download the entire show just below or scroll down for all the individual tracks themselves!


Freddie Joachim – When You Sleep


Dudley Benson – It’s Akaroa’s Fault (Nurimix)


JBrown & The Mic Smith – Big Fresh


Team Dynamite – Big Richard


Free Minds – 90%90


ShunGu & SNKA – Shusenguk


Ash Broke – Smokin Through


Angelo King – Parihaka (Feat. Esther Stephens)


Mo Kolours – Little Brown Dog


The Breeders – No Aloha


Parquet Courts – N Dakota


Betchadupa – Bits


Die! Die! Die! – Dark Arrow


Whirlwind Heat – Purple


Jessy Lanza – VViolence


Salmonella Dub – Love Your Ways (Jagwah Remix)


Dawn Day Night – Alcoholic Dance Floor


Fracture – Loving Touch


Amiga Breaks – Mendokuasi


Bahnhof::Zoo – Where Da Hoe


Lux Familiar – Vagabond


By Liam K. Swiggs

Radio Fresh – The Big Fresh Collective Radio Joins RDU 98.5 FM

In the spirit of celebrating New Zealand Music Month along with our brand new show on RDU 98.5 FM –  We’ve decided to write an article dedicated to RDU and the mahi of budding local musicians & producers from Aotearoa in the styles of all the different genres we will be covering on our reformatted show; Electronic Music ( Juke // FootMahi // House // Jungle) – Hip Hop – Alternative + Indie.

Header Post


Last month me & my old man visited the Canterbury Museum in the heart of Ōtautahi City to see the exhibition celebrating 40 years of broadcasting in Alternative Radio by RDU! What a spectacle, from photos of the original Radio U days too Tim Baird with a more than respectable mane of hair, live broadcasts & performances on a wicked stage right in the middle of the fucking museum by some of Christchurch’s finest – It’s all happening I can tell ya that much aye, and it still is running through right until the 14th of August with more live performances to come; The Vintage Breakfast show hosted by the formidable Scottish duo Rachel Morton & Mike Field this Saturday morning & next Saturday night; Kill Your Television boasting a line-up that sounds about as good as The Warriors did before the start of the season W/ The Bats, The Transistors, Salad Boys & Scythes in a must see show amongst plenty of other live performances which you can check out all over on the RDU website!

Outside Mueseum


As mentioned above here are 15 tracks split into the three different varieties of music we’re going to be playing on our brand new Big Fresh Collective Radio Show on Monday Nights 11pm – Midnight only on RDU 98.5 FM!


Kill Ya Telly




Males – All Up From Here

One of my favourite tunes to come out of the South Island over the past few years is this gem from 2012 which is almost set for a Super Rugby Hilights real in 2025!


Estère – Patchwork Soldier (Grayson Gilmour Remix)

Estère is a legend of the New Zealand Hip Hop & Alternative scene in herself the last few years, but chuck Grayson Gilmour into the mix and you’ve got something special. This track comes off one of my favourite Remix EP’s of all time; New Species Remix EP. Including tracks remixed by the likes of; Jordan Rakei, Paddy Fred, Encouragement & Grayson Gilmour – Be sure to grab this release!


Pelorus – Shelter

A personal friend of mine Leon based out of Wellington, who makes tracks so great they make me cry sometimes when i’m really hungover (in the best way imaginable). I heard this playing after i’d been listening to it for a while on RDU on the way to one of my last days at design school! I was basically like chur to much bro love it. Look out for some of his future material to possibly feature on The up & coming BFC compilations!


Roy Irwin – Demons Cave

Roy Irwin is one cool mothefucker & I had no hesitations to add him on Facebook as a friend (not that I really have any hesitations with anyone). You gotta grab this chill as fuck track along with a mass exploration of his bandcamp please & thank you // you’re welcome.


Zen Mantra – Fossils

I actually won this off RDU at the end of 2014 on Vinyl & it’s pretty fucking great. Local Christchurch artist Zen Mantra has definitely been one to watch over the past few years & you can more than expect to hear a few of his tunes on our show over time!




Big Ups #1


Tim Baird!

Tim Baird W/ a mane to be proud of!


Big Ups #2


RDU Cards


The HopStepper






Surly – Understand

The brother Surly!

Leading producer in Footwork // FootMahi out of Aotearoa right now & also the most recent and last member to join the Juke Bounce Werk crew! Got lots of love for the man and his mahi, keep an eye out on him for sure as he’s releasing fresh traxxx all the dayum time!

This one’s off the recent Juke World Order Volume 3 released by Juke Underground ❤


Yvnalesca – Baby

Yvnalesca now known as Yuna Lesca is one of the hosts on the show Hedspace before us on Monday Nights on RDU!

I first came across his work when he dropped his legendary Dead Bored EP back in 2013 when I first started getting electronic music – In particular the local electronic scene. He actually played at the first ever gig I went to at The Dux Live which was pretty special for me too. Dude’s a genius.


Gasp – Events

Old mate Gasp was like year 9 @ Papanui High School when I was year 13 what a vibe, a few years after I finished school we linked up on facebook after he sent me the infamous What The Funk banger of a track, before I knew it the track was playing on RDU and Gasp was playing at gigs I was only just of legal age to get into cheeky bugger! Soon I was running into him randomly all over the country playing some hot gegs in the likes of Auckland &  Dunedin, we were sharing plenty of house music & durries of course and having a jolly old time all the time!

This is one of my favourite tracks of all time by Gasp (who now by the way goes under the name of Sandboards),  Events; The title track to his debut Events EP which still to this day is one of my favourite electronic releases from Aotearoa of all time!


J Brown – Coming Home

I got so much time for my man J Brown he’s somewhat of a mentor for me having started as being a fan of his music too progressing through to becoming personal friends exchanging plenty of fresh tunes & ideas alike!

This is one of my favourite tracks that J Brown ever produced a couple of years back off his self title J Brown EP. You can grab that and his other work off Bandcamp W/ The name your own price feature of $0 or more so be sure to check the man’s mahi out!


Buster – Chimpo x Fracture Bootleg

Ya got fucking Buster Badmantin going hot here on of my favourite tracks he’s ever produced/bootlegged by two legendary artists in their own rights; Chimpo & Fractures From Early – after it’s been given a boot ride from Papanui, through Shirley & Belfast too Kaiapoi from Buster in his Suzuki Grand Wagon R whilst he’s simultaneously operating on a Roland and Reason on his dashboard.

It’s fucking twisted.




Tribe Scenario Tape






Student Radio NZ Map


A Younger Nacoa


Big Ups #3


Round UP


Hip Hop


The No Problemos – Too Twisted To Drive Feat. Mikey Ellesmere

Wellington group The No Problemos teamed up with one of my favourite North Island based rapper of the last decade – Mikey Ellesmere!

Coming off The No Problemos latest album which came out late last year  I highly rate these dudes and their style and think you should check them out ❤


Ash Broke – Give A Fuck

One of my new favourites as of late i’ve got a lot of time for the brother Ash Broke!

Off his brand new Broken ‘n’ Dreams Album comes this track Give A Fuck which i’ve been fucking with along with the rest of the album on repeat for the last few weeks now – Watch out for the brother one of the big up & comers in NZ Hip Hop who really doesn’t give a fuck and stays totally true to himself!


Jono Das – Just For Play

One of the most underrated producers in the NZ Hip Hop game – Jono Das is a beat god. He’s got so much untapped material sitting there on Bandcamp this is just one of many golden tunes released by the bro. Grab this shit man!


Piatõ – Iron Eye Feat. Free Resk

Of the long awaited Debut from one of our favourite members of SuperVillans RMC; Piatõ!

Ever since I was jamming out the SVRMC release i’ve taken a shining to Piatõ lyrical skills, then after hearing Piatõ working with Jay Knight on the track Proud – an instant NZ Hip Hop Classic, I was convinced this dude was gunna do something legendary.

The craft, The mahi, The soul of Piatõ Turei.


Eno x Dirty – How My Day Goes Feat. Melodownz

Recently caught these guys for the second time when they opened up for Bailey Wiley in Christchurch @ The Darkroom a few weeks back & they were fucking sick!

Yet another crazy good up and coming NZ Hip hop Duo; ENO x DIRTY are two dudes not to be slept on, they’re out doing do some really good shit and dropped this single along with their EP last year which i’ve still been playing on the regular til this day.


RDU Sign Light


By Liam K. Swiggs