La Musica Te Liam Swiggs #018~ Man of New Zealand; January 2016

Fuck talk about off the ball!

“The Birthday Boy spills the lollies,
Some pats on the back here for Joel Moon,
What a talent he is.”

Vodafone Warriors V.S Cronulla Sharks, March 2010 – Costo

Late but nevertheless in traditional Belfunk fashion here @ The Big Fresh Collective it’s La Musica Te Liam Swiggs #018 giving you the blow by blow highlights of old mate January 2016 along with my top 10 favourite tunes of the month!

Like the seasoned hipster like Frederick Dagg of the 21st Century that I am becoming, My 2016 journey was started off in the middle of The North Island in New Zealand – More specifically the commercial mecha of the Kiwi  New Years Festival Scene; Rhythm & Vines (which was actually pretty great if you read La Musica Te Liam Swiggs December 15′ ❤ )

We made the fucking painstaking 10 hour drive (or some shit) back down from Gisborne to Wellington which wasn’t really the ideal start to 2016 being crammed up in a 90’s Station Wagon for hours at a time rinsed as fuck but that’s all part of the New Years Game right & I guess it wasn’t no Twisted Frequency 14 – 15 (torrential rain, prison parties in Nelson, . We got back to Wellington at about midnight after we dropped the boys Reburn & Charles off, then me & my girl Brooke basically proceeded to spend the next few days pretty much in bed with Netflix & a bong by our sides ❤

The next couple of weeks I spent up in Wellington with Brooke & Co. catching up with heaps of “Old Mates” in WellingTown aye; Spiced Rum, Rothy Blues & a Pre Workout or two with my homies Luke & B, Beachin’ + Shootin’ Hoops + Drinkin’ VBs with Charles & Curtis & Of course the formidable Jay Knight (find him if you can). I also hit my first ever BYO up before I left Wellington for Offical Old Mate Rory’s departure celebrations & I thoroughly enjoyed the experience so much that know I don’t even drink burb & coke I drink Cider because i’m growing up aye, deal with it. Still on that VB tip though don’t worry you know this.

I made my watch awaited return to Christchurch for my 2016 debut of life to much disappointment when I immediately had to return to design school on the 11th of Jan with my highlights of life being returned back to drinking VB’s in the garage again, watching Cricket & downloading new music which don’t get me wrong is fucking great but not quite living up to the hype of being in the middle of a functioning city or pinging out to Nero or some shit in the middle of nowhere in The North Island.

It was a pretty uneventful  few weeks in the Chur that I was here for in January studying and watching cricket and the like – This was all apart from one fateful Friday night at Unit 9 put on by the legends at Averted Visions. All Vinyl – All Night with a pretty tight line up (RQ – Insomniac – Ill Figz – Sketch – Reset – Stature – Fat Controller & M. Provo!) & featuring almost every worth face in Christchurch in the crowd it was amazing night to be completely almost forgotten because we were all just that fucking lit. I have shattered memories of car park hangs & some seriously tight mixing, a few VBs & a whole lot of Gold Cody’s. Greatness personified.

The next week when I went back to Design School that type of shit that you read in the papers happened; The tutor told me I had 2 x Tutor’s only days at the end of the week and I had just literally got my course related costs… So you know I instantly booked flights to Wellington for the end of the week + the weekend to be with my girl. Just by chance it happened to be Old Mate Rory & Lil D’s going away party that weekend not to mention the biggest Rugby Union flop in years the Sevens was on across the street, it was fucking party on aye!


I was pretty excited to get to meet all these people I had heard about for so long on the saturday night but I super nervous about meeting one person in particular; Brooke’s mum Chrissie… So I kinda preloaded to the extreme on the Australia’s Very Bests AKA Versace Bitters & by the time I finally got to meet her and everyone else I was so relaxed and comfortable I chose once again in 2016 to stop remembering the proceedings of events and get royally fucked up all whilst still having a great time of course at the literal and emotional expense of a few others which I apologize for but that was like a proper induction ceremony to Wellington for me bless ya ❤

To wrap up what was a fucking eventful old weekend in Wellington & a pretty loose start to 2016 – In typical Swiggs fashion, I missed my check in for my flight home from Welly to Christchurch and basically cried into my laptop keyboard for 3 hours as I sat there with one of the top ten hangovers of my life in the airport watching cricket over the bar but not being able to stomach any alcohol. Liam K. Swiggs, this is 2016 & this is your life.

January 2016 



L K. Swiggs & Smit B – Get In The Zone, Our Zone.


#10 EQ Why – 808 Kick Drum

A new favourite Footmahi producer of mine, classic harmonic hooks here with some OG Footwork flavour!

EQ Why’s New Track City drops this week over on Good Street Records ❤


#9 Steven John Marr – A Point In Every Direction

A debut stand alone song by Steven John Marr infamous for his music with Doprah & Nakey, i’ve really enjoyed this one the past couple of months. Seeing Steven come into his own light or some shit man, yeah! Seriously great track though ❤



TekBabe & Not Beach Boy


Western Blocked


12627913_1651685788426958_1334763510_n (1)

Hip Hop Chop Heads United W/ VB


Yo Fuck Block


Christchurch Remedies


Waimak Outtings W/ Mr Hall

#8 Swisha Sweet – DA HIGH

Ya boy Swisha back at it again W/ The Remixes and this has got to be one of his best ❤

…& I’d do anything for the hiiiigh ❤


#7 Traxman – It’s Yours B

Another marvelous Traxman Refix from the 1990’s out through TEK DJ’Z Jazz Meets Footwork Compilation of which I highly recommend checking out along with the rest of the TEK DJ’z !



Karen Want’s Her $20 Whacks




B – Bowie


Possum Face ❤





#6 A. Fruit – Tek We Tek

Love the work of the wonderful Anna Fruit & this track in particular I feel is one of my favourite works of hers!

Tek We Tek off Black Marble Collective’s J Dilla Tribute album is an absolute mahi belter mate ❤

#5 Traxman – Survive

Off Duck N’ Cover come this Traxman anthem; Survive.

This song’s honestly already got me through a few hard times like watching The Warriors lose to Parramatta in The NRL Nines live in person on pingerz </3



Pre Workout & Malibu Girl


Swiggs Does WellyWood #2


Old Mates ❤



Thorndon Babes ❤


Lil Chubz


#4 Buster – Chimpo X Fracture – From Early (BUSTER BOOTLEG)

Our boy Buster from The BFC Radio Show doing a fucking sweet bootleg of a recent Chimpo x Fracture collab tune becoming a bit of an instant classic amongst us here at The Big Fresh Collective!

#3 Nakey – The Dream Is Dead

Or is it…


Tek We Tek You Tek


Rothy Blues In The Capital W/ B


The First Joint of 2016




Cat News


Definition in those Pinger Cheeks ❤

#2 Males – Go!

A bit of a throwback up the top of the list in January; Go! By The Males ❤

This sat in my downloads for far too long (guilty as charged) but has been sitting on repeat ever since – Name your own price on Bandcamp now!

#1 Pleorus – Shelter

My boy Leon coming through with the goods!

Met this cat one weekend last November when we went up to Wellington for Average Rap Band & he told me he’d send through a couple of beats.

The next day in Christchurch when I was coming down in bed from my weekend at large I started crying when I was listening to his music…

You’re something special brother – Jah Bless ❤




By Liam K. Swiggs

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