188th Beat Per Minute Mix Series

One early Saturday morning, Liam K. Swiggs had the slightly clouded idea of playing some of my favourite 160bpm Footwork // Juke music boosted up to 188bpm & these were the results!

Featuring tunes of some of the coolest Footwork // Juke labels in the game today; Teklife, Juke Bounce Werk, Never Slept, Polish Juke, TAR, #WeirdKids & more with artists such as; The Late Great DJ Rashad (RIP), DJ Spinn, Neropunk, New Zealand Native – Surly, Bahnhof::zoo, LōS, DJ Phil, DJ Orange Julius, DJ Taye, Swisha, Rattraps, Robust, DJ FLP & Lux Familiar ❤

Hope you enjoy – Below are streams of the podcasts along with individual links to each of the tracks in the mixes with an option to download or purchase the songs in most + Free Downloads of all mixes available in Mixcloud podcast descriptions.


188th Beat Per Minute Part One


188th 1

Full Stream


Lux Familiar – Beat & Drum ’13_
DJ FLP – Final Boss
Lōs – Keep Dancing

188th Beat Per Minute Part Two


188th 2

Full Stream


LōS – My Way

bahnhof::zoo – Where Da Hoe

LōS – Jumpman

DJ Spinn – Dubby (Feat. DJ Rashad & Danny Brown)

188th Beat Per Minute Part Three

188th 3

Full Stream

DJ Rashad & DJ Phil – Come Close

Neropunk – Toe Taggin

Rattraps – Bugged Out (Robust Remix)

Surly – Understand

DJ Orange Julius – Penetrate Them Gutz

Swisha – Andres (Feat Kush Jones)


Hidden Bonus track you must ask DJ Taye for yaself

Mixes & Article By Liam K. Swiggs

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