FootMahi Volume #001

As part of New Zealand Music Month in May, The Big Fresh Collective released New Zealand’s first ever 160 BPM Footwork // Juke // Jungle compilation titled; “FootMahi Volume #001”


MAHII 4 Real


This is something that we here at The Big Fresh Collective have been talking about doing for the past couple of years since our initial inception – As much as we love all styles of music we are absolute 160 BASE junkies!

All of the music on the compilation was created by local producers that were born or currently reside in Aotearoa helping showcase our local talent which is rife in the Bedroom Producer Scene lately!

Below is a small blurb about each of the individual traxxx & the artists that made them – They are all up for free download as well.


Steezie Wonder – Fleximus Maximus

The opening Track on FootMahi Volume #001 comes from Auckland based man of sound Steezie Wonder; A very close friend of The Big Fresh Collective’s after being friends via the internet for a year or so before we met last year when we opened up for American Based Label Juke Bounce Werk @ Christchurch’s Irie Sessions! This heater of a track samples Bel Air’s Fresh Prince whilst providing a real Footwork/Vibey feel throughout!


Kruff Kurtis – It Was Unbelievable

Track Number Two off FootMahi Volume #001 comes from South African Born but now Auckland based Kruff Kurtis. It samples an interview from the infamous Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff with a techno/dub footwork type beat behind the track. This track was featured on Local Alternative New Zealand Radio Stations RDU 98.5 FM in Christchurch & Wellington’s Radio Active.


Steezie Wonder – Sound Of The Beast

The third track on FootMahi Volume #001 is the second appearance from Steezie Wonder on the compilation and it’s a fucking ragga rager! A very jungle/dub vibe for this number switching it up quite considerably compared to the rest of the traxxx, heavily sampling a classic KRS One jam Sound of Da Police this is an instant Kiwi Classic!


Scapegoat MERCY – Bic

Fourth track comes from Wellington based Scapegoat MERCY (One half of Lake Boon) – Who pays absolute homage to one of New Zealand’s favourite 90’s singers in Bic Runga sampling her track Drive from 1996.


Buster – Sheldon Park

Lucky last track number five was produced by one of the Big Fresh OG’s and frequent DJ on The Old BFC Radio Shows; Buster! This is a heavy – heavy drummed out track from the Christchurch local paying homage to Belfast Favourite Park & Recreational Area; Sheldon Park.


This is just the first of many FootMahi 160 BPM compilations we here at The Big Fresh Collective plan on releasing with Volume #002 right around the corner in a couple of months – Keep It Fresh!



Written By Liam K. Swiggs

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