10 of The Most Influential New Zealand Electronic Releases of The Decade By Liam K. Swiggs

The Blog is back just in time to see out what has been a fucking beautiful 10 years of Kiwi music – We thought to ourselves what better way is there to celebrate than to get our head honcho, Mr Wednesday Night, Redwood’s finest – Liam K. Swiggs – To reflect back on some of New Zealand’s most influential electronic music releases over the past decade!

It’s me I’m back and I’m badder than ever – Redwood’s finest is here to take you on a fucking astral journey through what has been a revolutionary past decade for Electronic Music in New Zealand – From Cape Reinga all the way down to Bluff and everywhere with a broke producer living in their mum’s sleep-out with a pair of KRK Rockit’s
in-between – I bring to you 10 of the most influential New Zealand Electronic Music Releases over the past decade in my humble and slightly ego-inflated opinion. 

My Post (10)


Yuna Lesca (Yvnalesca) – Dead Bored EP (2013)

On the cusp of The Modern Post Quake Era of Electronic Music in Ōtautahi came personally one of my favourite New Zealand Electronic releases of all time; Yuna Lesca’s Dead Bored EP.

It’s a beautiful Four track EP that you can put on, zone out and let your mind float to whilst you get lost in a haze of chop cones – Very ambient downtempo vibes full of lush wavy samples.

You can’t actually find this release online anymore these days but if you slide into my DM’s I’m sure Yuna won’t mind if I slide you a copy for listening purposes.

Favourite Track – Baby

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 5.48.35 PM


Surly – Surly EP (2016)

Making his Debut for LA-based crew Juke Bounce Werk – Surly’s self-titled EP is an absolute staple in Modern Day New Zealand Electronic Music and helped pave the way for future Footwork / Juke / Breakbeat influenced artists to this day including your homies from The Big Fresh Collective.

In a genre / style of music that is often overlooked in our own country of New Zealand; Old mate Surly really helped put Aoteroa on the Map in terms of Underground bass music – This EP offers a Five Track insight into the variety of styles and influences the world of 160 has to offer all coming from one of New Zealand’s finest.

Favourite Track – Serious


Disasteradio – Charisma (2010)

“Listening to Disasteradio, in general, makes me feel like I’m 14 smoking weed for the first time – 10/10 Best feeling ever!” – Liam K. Swiggs

Looking back to the start of the decade we are presented with this absolute gem of an album – Charisma!

Full of Electronic Anthems that are like theme songs to various boss battles of my adulthood this album is fucking absolutely iconic back to front. Slap on some cans, get yourself a box of cheap piss, a 50 bag and maybe a pack of Winnie Red Selects and then sink into digital heaven with one of New Zealand’s Electronic Icons ❤ 

Favourite Track – Gravy Rainbow is probably one of my favourite songs ever tbh…


Kamandi – Voices (2019)

Coming in at the more recent end of the decade we have Ōtautahi’s favourite son Kamandi’s latest release – 10 Track Album “Voices”

The most prolific producer to come out of The Mighty South Island of New Zealand, Kamandi’s latest work Voices encapsulates the ambient dark big room sound he’s renowned for in spectacular fashion – Super chill album to put on to zone out too and lose yourself in the synths ❤


Sandboards – Sandboards EP (2017)

Iconic South Island Duo Sandboards had already won young ravers hearts all the way from the Dirty South in Dunedin up to the 121 faithful in Wellington and they cemented their status as Kings of The Whare scene in New Zealand with 2017 Self-titled Sanboards EP out through New York-based Label Cold Tonic.

With tasty tunes such as “Timaru Tango” (we’ve all had a few of those am I right), The surfy cocaine cowboy vibes of Miami 97, Coast to Coast & Holiday Illusion – This is one of the quintessential summer house releases of the past decade in New Zealand.


Kerosene Comic Book Group – FUCK THE PAPARAZZI (2014)

My most cherished vinyl of all time and Swiggs family favourite; Kerosene Comic Book Group’s FUCK THE PAPARAZZI!

Featuring tunes by – Fuck The Paparazzi is an absolute fucking stonker clocking in at speeds of what I’m sure are around 200bpm (my natural body clock doesn’t go over 160 very well) – This is an iconic piece of the New Zealand Electronic Landscape that I put on to fuck with people who only listen to Drum and Bass and think they’re hard at 174!

Favourite Track – Sexxx Haus – Samsung Sunrise



“For those of you that have a stereo…”

I couldn’t pass up one of the EP’s released that helped shape my music production and The Big Fresh Collective as we know it – JBrown’s self-titled EP of 2012 is one of my all-time favourites ❤

For those of you who don’t know; JBrown The Godfather of The Big Fresh Collective is one of the smoothest motherfuckers to ever grace God’s Green Earth – This EP has been my background music to many hours soaked up in the hot Ōtautahi sun knocking back a quick sixer of Victoria Bitter before I shoot off for a mission with the crew – One of the hottest beat tapes in New Zealand History.


Kerosene Comic Book Group – 420 Tape (2013)

“Kerosene Comic Book (KCB) is not a band, or a label – they’re a collective; more a consistent brand than a consistent lineup”

One of the first collective releases that I know of by one of the most iconic collectives in The New Zealand Electronic Scene over the past 10 years – KCBG AKA The Kerosene Comic Book Group is a collective of producers and artists featuring the likes of Totems, Race Banyon, Career Girls, Skymning, Muirs & more.

This is an iconic compilation of tracks and a rare gem if that; lost among external hard drives around the world is it can no longer be found on the internet… I’m your guy if you’re looking for a copy.

Favourite Track – Totems – Could Be

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 7.42.02 PM.png


Team Cat Food – Bag of Tracks (2014)

Mysterious Auckland Based Duo Team Cat Food AKA Liam Kendall and Eammon Logan have nursed me through many come ups & comedowns throughout the past half-decade.

Easily one of the most slept on groups in the New Zealand House / Tech scene over the past 10 years – Team Cat Food’s back catalogue is so juicy it was hard to pick one release.

Bag of Tracks is a must-have in any house/tech DJ’s arsenal so I guess you’re welcome.

Favourite Track – Just Once More


Totems – Rmx 2 (2013)

Part two in Totems “Rmx” series got an absolute thraaaashing in the garages of Belfast & Papanui in the mid 2010’s – An iconic collection of remixes from one of the best bootleggers Aoteroa has ever seen – Another relic that’s no longer out on the far reaches of the internet – You know what to do.

Favourite Track – Speakers Going Hammer & The Launch

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 7.42.47 PM.png

Article Written By Liam K. Swiggs,
Curator of The Big Fresh Collective

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